Winter Olympic Day – February 7

Winter Olympic Day – February 7

To celebrate the upcoming Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia, the students at New Dundee P.S. will be participating in a fun and active day on February 7.

We are asking for all of our students to wear red and white as we will be taking a school photo to show our Canadian pride.

Our opening ceremonies will begin with an inspirational speech from newly retired world champion boxer Fitz “the whip” Vanderpool. Fitz will also lead a routine to get our students’ training as athletes.

With the help from student volunteers from the Waterloo-Oxford D.S.S., our students will participate in a variety of indoor and outdoor activities.

During our closing ceremonies, Samantha Whiteside, whose accomplishments have included swimming across Lake Ontario at the age of 16, being named one of the Youth in Motion’s Top 20 under 20 and representing Canada at the 2008 Beijing Olympics both as a delegate and an Olympic Torch Bearer, will motivate our students to “be their best” in everything they learn and do.

Students are asked to dress appropriately (bring extra mittens and socks; please wear boots and snow pants) as they will be outside for most of the day.

Parents are invited to attend the opening or closing ceremonies as this event is designed to increase school pride. Remember to wear Red and White! Please call Ms. Michelutti at 519-696-2296 if you have any questions.